Specialists in the manufacture of vinyl siding since 1926, BN International locates its production plant in Holland from which distributes globally to three distinct sectors: contract, residential and packaging.
FUSION, SUWIDE, DURAFORT and ORIGINALS are manufactured vinyl siding and have a vast range of textures, colours and designs that are capable of generating character,classy and edgy environments. More information


If you prefer stronger wallcoverings with a fabric (textile or non-woven) backing we offer a wide variety of collections in the weight range between 350 - 450 gr/m2. Fabric backed contract wallcoverings are usualy used in heavy traffic areas like hotels and hospitals. Because of the fabric backing, this type of wallcovering has an even higher impact resistance than the paper backed quality. Suwide and Fusion are provided with a strong top coating which results in an excellent scratch resistance.
Suwide and Fusion are both Bio Pruf treated, creating an anti-microbial and anti-fungal finish and are therefore, amongst others, also very suitable in the health care industry. Fusion is our newest collections and specialy designed for the hospitality sector. Experience the elegance of Fusion by transforming any interior into a warm, desirable environment that leaves people feeling truly inspired!


Durafort & Originals Contract Wallcoverings are available in a comprehensive range of modern designs, in vibrant, fashionable colours. Both collections are produced on a paper backing with a weight of between 300 - 390 gr / m2. Due to it's special scratch resistant surface coating, our paper backed contract wallcoverings are the most resilient and versatile offered. From partitioning walls (especially suitable for Durafort) to general refurbishment in projects like hospitals, offices and hotels, Durafort & Originals Contract Wallcoverings are the best choice to withstand the rigours of modern living.